Episode 907: Mosaic


Mosaic Medley Cake

Mosaics have been a favorite form of artwork internationally for centuries. The intricate patterns of tiles in so many hues represent expert craftsmanship . Now, these same old and new world designs can be duplicated on cakes using rolled fondant and silicone molds for shaping. Decorating doesn’t get much easier!

Heart Cake a la Seurat

George Seurat was known for pointillism technique in the art he created. That same style of painting in which a picture is constructed from dots of color that blend, translates beautifully to cakes and other dessert treats. Here the cake takes on the look of tiny tiles assembled in heart shapes.

Sweet Flower Cupcakes

No decorating experience needed for these sweet treats! The perfect dessert for Mother’s Day, a garden party or any summer gathering.

Pinwheel Candy Cake

This cake showcases a rainbow of sweets, which makes decorating incredibly easy. The colorful pinwheels, candy canes and confetti sprinkles make this dessert look as fun as it tastes good.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.