Episode 710: Seashore

She sells seashells by the seashore. At Bake, Decorate, Celebrate! we suggest a sandcastle cake, candy sea creatures, pearly shell-shaped sweet treats and coastline cupcakes at your seashore-themed celebrations. Whether you live on the coast or just dream about a day at the beach, these homemade delicacies will bring the sun and surf to any gathering.


Seashore Sandcastle Cake

You can almost feel the waves lapping at the edge of this beach house! Completely edible, the sandcastle sits on an island in a creature-packed ocean. This cake takes time to assemble, but even a non-decorator can create this impressive treat!

Coastline Cupcakes

Individual treats are more popular than ever, and since a single batch of batter can make at least 2 dozen, why not mix it up a bit and offer a variety of decorations, all so easy-to-do. Perfect for any beach-themed bash!

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