Episode 709: Nuts To You

Nuts are add flavor and crunch to so many baked good recipes! We show a selection of tasty recipes that highlight the versatility of the nut. The recipes feature three favorite baking nuts – pecans, almonds and hazelnuts, but there’s no problem to substitute any other favorite nut you prefer.


Lemon Pecan Cloud Cake

Light as a cloud, this sponge cake features a delicate lemon flavor – the perfect combination with pecans. Featuring an Italian Meringue Buttercream Icing, it looks like a cloud, too – with icing wisps on the sides and swirly rosette borders. And, since you can never have too many nuts, a dusting of additional pecans completes this treat.

Almond Florentine Nut Cups

When warm, these delicate almond-infused lace cookies form perfectly, making them ideal for so many serving occasions! Whether you prefer cups, horns or cannoli shapes, you’ll impress guests young and old when you serve dessert.

Hazelnut Sticky Buns


Lemon Pecan Sponge Cake

Italian Meringue Buttercream

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