Episode 707: Pirates

A treasure trove of pirate-themed cakes and treats, sure to put a smile on your little mates and mateys! There’s a cake decorated as a treasure chest filled with homemade candy gems, a whimsical crispy rice cereal treat ship bejeweled with purchased candy and Buccaneer cupcakes few will be able to resist – all so easy to make.


Pirate’s Treasure Chest

An edible chest filled with candy doubloons and other sweet treasures … it’s any pirate’s dream chest! Buccaneers young and old will say “aye” when offered a slice of the chocolate cake coffer and delicious riches it holds.

Pirate Ship

Buccaneer Buddies

Ahoy, Maties! These swashbucklers will be the hit of any pirate-themed party. Single serving and oh-so-cute, no one will be able to resist!


Rice Cereal Crispy Treats

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.