Episode 903: Springform Pans; More Than Just Cheesecake


Candy Shells

Candy cups are the perfect edible container for desserts or snacks and remarkably easy to make. By varying the colors of candy used or changing the decorations on top, treats in candy are perfect in any season!


Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

Springform pans were made for impressive frozen desserts like this one. While the name implies an everyday treat, this cake doesn’t disappoint as a guest dessert. Make this cake at least a day in advance - the different layers each take some freezer time!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Nothing tastes more decadent, or is easier to make, than this classic springform cake. Adding to the indulgence, a topping of chocolate ganache and decorative chocolate accents …yum!

Baby Breakfast Frittatas

While these are the perfect main dish for a guest brunch, they’re easy enough to make for a lazy weekend breakfast. The mini springform pan is perfectly sized for a single serving.

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