Episode 706: A Tisket, A Tasket

Country charm and beautiful texture are the hallmarks of basketweave cakes. We show you two different, but equally easy ways to create this favorite decorating technique. One is the traditional buttercream basketweave method, the second an exciting new way to create a basket look by weaving strips of colored fondant. Both techniques create impressive “baskets” that are incredibly simple, and delicious too!


A Tisket A Tasket…A Fruit-Filled Basket

The perfect garden party treat, the combination of daisies and strawberries in a cake that wows … it just says spring! The traditional buttercream basketweave technique is quick and easy to do, but oh so impressive!

A Basket of Posies

Flower baskets come in all shapes and sizes and so do edible baskets, like this square cake sprouting with fondant and royal icing blossoms. This treat introduces a brand new basketweave technique using rolled fondant strips.


Coconut Layer Cake

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