Episode 705: Chocolate: White or Dark

Chocolate is the key ingredient in so many favorite desserts – it’s hard to imagine baking without it. We showcase two decadent chocolate cakes that look like they came from a professional bakery, but are relatively simple to make at home – even for a novice cake decorator.


Orange Kissed Chocolate Cake with Gold Dusted Chocolate Curls

Easy to do icing dots, zigzags and lines turn a simple chocolate cake into an extraordinary treat. Add some gold-dusted chocolate curls and this dessert is just over the top!

Chocolate Lovers’ Dream Cake

White chocolate cake with dark chocolate flecks, dark chocolate icing finished with a white and dark chocolate wrap…chocoholics will be in heaven! The elegant melted candy wrap looks difficult but is surprisingly easy to do. A garnish of fresh raspberries and you’re set for any occasion.


Chocolate Orange Cake

Rich chocolate flavor with a hint of orange makes for a sophisticated cake the kids will love too.

Chocolate French Buttercream Icing

Though a little more involved to make than traditional buttercream icing, one taste, and you’ll decide to make it all the time.

Chocolate Flecked White Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate (yes 3 kinds!) all in a single cake. A chocoholics dream come true!

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