Episode 812: Bug Off!


Bold and Bright Butterfly Cake

This vivid display of butterflies in flight all on a tasty diamond-shaped cake will put a smile on every guest’s face! Vary the fondant colors to fit specific party color schemes.

Bee Hive Cake

Sweet, delicious honey cake takes on a whimsical appearance when baked to look like the hive its signature ingredient came from. The cast aluminum pan bakes a cake with amazing honeycomb-like detail. Friendly fondant bees, formed in candy molds, adds to the fun.

Butterfly Snacks

Mini pretzels take flight when filled with candy and turned into pretty butterfly shapes. We’ve decorated the butterflies with decorative sugars, sprinkles and mini candies for added insect bling!

Dad's Brownies

Anyone would find these brownies difficult to resist. When they have special “Dad”-themed candles … Dad will just “eat them up!” Tint the buttercream icing to match your candle theme. Candles and cake toppers make decorating so simple!


Glazed Honey Cake

This moist, sweet honey cake is impressive when baked in a decorative cast aluminum pan.

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.