Episode 811: International


Around The World Cake

The adorable costumed cookie kids that surround this cake coax a smile from anyone! While this cake takes time to decorate, simple fondant decorating techniques assure that anyone, no matter what your decorating skill level can make this cake. We used costumes from 3 different countries: Ireland, Scotland and Holland. Personalize your cake with costumes from other countries; mix and match or choose just one!

Flags Unfurled Cookies

Color Flow icing turns a plain cookie into a work of art – flag art here. Our cookies represent Holland, Ireland, Scotland and Germany. Choose the flag of your choice, and start decorating. Kids would love this project!


5-in-One Dough

This versatile dough is a classic recipe – flour, sugar, butter, eggs and milk – perfect for making last-minute treats, both sweet and savory. Because the dough can be refrigerated or frozen, it’s convenient to make it up in advance, then bake for guests who drop in unexpectedly. We provide 5 different ways to bake up the dough, but let your imagination go wild and try some ideas of your own!

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.