Episode 804: The Big Top


Colorful Carousel Cake

High-stepping horses and a brilliant colored canopy adorn this fun fondant covered cake. This show-stopping cake is perfect for all the kids in your life – young and old alike!

Side Show Tents

The midway at the circus is as much fun as watching the performers in the main tent. We honor those side shows with some colorful treats that even novice decorators can master. A shaped cast aluminum mini 2-piece cupcake pan, a simple star tip and a rainbow of vibrant colored icings is all that it takes.

Circus Train Treats

All aboard! When the circus train pulls into town, it’s a signal of fun times to come. These train-inspired treats, with adorable “wild” creatures” are a sign of yummy sweets in the future!


Candy bark takes just minutes to make but it wears so many hats! An elegant housewarming or hostess gift, a homemade “thank you” for your child’s teacher, or a tasty snack everyone in the family will enjoy!

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.