Episode 803: Just For Kids


Wacky Face Cake

Guests will go crazy for this zany-faced dessert. No one will guess it all started with a guitar-shaped cake! And, none of the decorating required a bag or tip! Vary “its” look by changing icing colors and candies used. Let your imagination run wacky!

Cookie Sandwich Monsters

Simple cookies become crazy creatures when sandwiched with pretzel arms and legs and then adorned with candy and icing.

Edible ABC's

Snack time becomes learning time with these colorful layered cookies. Have lots of time? Decorate with decorated mini cookies. No time to spare? Use ready-made icing decorations instead. Or do both! Enlist the kids’ help - the fun has just begun! How many alphabet combinations can you make?

Quick-Themed Cakes

What’s a celebration without a cake? And while any cake will make people smile, a cake decorated in the party theme, the interests or hobby of the honored guest or a variety of bright colors will bring true joy to all in attendance. Special homemade or purchased personalized toppers, icing decorations and sprinkles all add to the appeal.

Fun Lunches

Your kids won’t say lunch is boring with these “out of the boxed” lunches. All you need is a cookie cutter for a mid-day meal that has “swap appeal”!

The Public Television cake decorating show providing easy projects for special celebrations. Not intended to replace instructional classes.