Episode 1002: Dinosaurs


Dinosaur Cookies

Bright and colorful, this herd of dinos is easier to make than you think with Color Flow Icing. The icing dries hard, just like the cookies you buy at a bakery.

3D Dinosaur Cake

This friendly dinosaur will be the hit of any party! No one will guess he started out life as a bear cake. We’ve added an edible tail and arms. While the decorating looks complicated, this mix of icing stars and Candy Melt candy spikes is really easy to do.

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth Cake

Shaped pans don’t just have to be the item you first see. With a bit of imagination, the cake can become multiple other things! Here a pirate ship becomes an island volcano with wandering cookie dinosaurs. Everything, even the message cloud, is edible!


Coconut Pound Cake

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