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How can I make my own colored icing and cakes?

Viola - from Bossier City, LA

We have developed many recipes for making your own icings and cakes from scratch or by jazzing up and adding your own personal touch to mixes. Check them out on this website. Click here for more recipes.

The easiest way to add color to your icing is to use icing color. There are a wide variety of concentrated gel formulas, available individually or in sets that help you achieve the exact shade you want without thinning your icing.

You can use the colors as is or mix and match, for example, mixing blue and red to make purple. Note that these colorings work with yellow cake as well as white cake, but the color will have slight yellow undertones. Remember, to start slow because you can always add more color but you can't take it back out.

Another way to add color to your desserts is with Color Mist, an edible spray on color. You can ice a cake or cupcake with white icing and spray on the Color Mist. One more way to add color is with Wilton FoodWriters. These are markers made with edible ink that can be used on hardened cookie icing, royal icing or fondant. Both of these make great activities for kids!

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