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I need to bake four cheesecakes for my mom's birthday. I want to bake 2 days before the party. Can I freeze the cheesecakes, and if I can, are there guidelines for freezing?

Dawn - from Prophetstown, IL

Since you will be serving the cheesecakes so close to the time you make them, you can just refrigerate them. Cheesecakes require a good 12 hours of chilling before cutting any way, and they will remain fresh up to 7 days. For any longer than a week, the cheesecake (no toppings) can be frozen.

Before freezing, cool your cheesecake completely and wrap tightly in heavy-duty foil or plastic wrap. It will freeze well for 2-3 months. To thaw, place the frozen cheesecake in its wrappers overnight in the refrigerator.

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