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I only have one oven. If I need to bake a 3-layer cake is it okay to place one of the baking pans with the raw batter in the refrigerator until the other 2 layers are finished baking? If I place all 3 baking pans in the oven at one time, I have to keep adjusting the baking times to get all three to bake completely.

Sheila - from Baton Rouge, LA

If you are using a cake mix, you’ll have greater success holding the 3rd pan of batter and baking it a bit later than the other two. If you are making a cake from scratch, it might be a problem. If you can fit all 3 pans into the oven in any way, it’s always best to bake all the batter at once. One-half to two-thirds through the baking time listed in your recipe (or on the mix), rearrange the pans – top to bottom, back of the oven to front. That should help the layers bake more consistently and evenly.

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