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Please help!!! I melted white chocolate, (using milk occasionally to help melt it)and used food coloring to color it different colors. I filled up a cookie candy mold but instead of putting a sandwhich cookie in, I just filled the mold up to the top. After it hardened I tried taking them out but they were stuck!! Please help and tell me what I did wrong!

Lidia - from chicago, IL

I think the addition of milk and food coloring caused your white chocolate to seize. This happens when an improper amount of moisture comes into contact with chocolate. For molding candies, you don't want to add any liquid to melted chocolate. The chocolate should be melted on it's own. White chocolate can be colored with oil-based food colorings, like Wilton's Candy Colors, but not with water-based food colors, which are much more common. Water-based colors will add moisture to the chocolate and make it seize up.

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