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At home I bake 1 pecan pie for 50 min at 350 degrees farenheit. If I put 2 pecan pies in the oven, what temperature and how long do I bake them?

Paul - from San Rafael, CA

If you are baking 2 pies (or 2 cake layers or 2 pans of cupcakes), be sure to leave room on all sides of each pan for hot air to circulate. The pans should not touch each other. Do not adjust the oven temperature. Bake at the same temperature specified in your recipe. Begin checking your pies, cakes, or cupcakes at the specified time, too, and follow the visual cues given in a recipe. For example, if your recipe says that your pies are done when the filling is completely set when the pie is jiggled, the filling will let you know how much additional time (if any) needs to be added to the original bake time.

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