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What type of pans do you use when making a two tiered cake? (one round cake on bottom and a smaller one on top)

Jayme - from Farlington, KS

You use regular cake pans to bake the two sizes of cakes. For example, if you want to make a 2 tiered cake, with a 9 in. cake on the bottom and a 6 in. cake on the top, you bake the cakes in standardn 9 in. and 6 in. cake pans, just like if you were making a single tiered cake. When you're stacking the cakes, make sure you put dowel rods in the bottom cake, to support the weight of the cake on top. The cake on top should be left on a cardboard cake circle or plastic cake plate because it rests on top of the dowels and prevents the top cake from crushing the bottom cake.

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