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I am trying to make monogram "C"'s to place on top of 90 mini wedding cakes iced with Italian Meringue Buttercream. I have been piping the letters on parchment and am already worried about breakage. I read somewhere that waxed paper is better? Also, how would you go about storing them, transporting them, and securing them to the top of the cakes. Would they hold up in the fridge? Thanks!

Bridget - from Corvallis, OR

You don't indicate what kind of icing or candy you are piping the monograms with, but parchment paper will peel away from hardened  Candy Melts and royal icing with no issues as long as your monogrammed letters are not extremely thin. If they are very thin, make extras and plan for breakage.

I would suggest cutting out a small circle from fondant or gum paste and piping the monogram onto that. The circle will provide much-needed support, and once your monogram dries, you can store them in a cool, dry area between sheets of parchment paper. Prop it up on the mini cake by piping a small rosette of icing behind it.

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