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Why did my cake fall in the center? I just opened a new can of baking powder, however this is not the brand I usually use. I tried the recipe twice today and it happened both times. I’ve made this cake on many occasions and have never had a problem until today. Do you think I got a bad can of baking powder?

Deb - from Moline, IL

Your cake could have fallen because of the baking powder, a new can of baking powder is often stronger than an old can that has been sitting around the house for a few months. When too much baking powder is added to a recipe, the air bubbles produced by the leavening get very large very quickly, before the cake structure has developed, causing the cake to collapse. Keep in mind that the general baking powder to flour ratio is 1 teaspoon of baking powder to 1 cup flour.

To test your baking powder’s effectiveness mix 1 teaspoon baking powder with 1/2 cup hot water. The baking powder should bubble immediately.

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