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How do I keep my cookies from getting "hard" once they cool out of the oven? I find that when I make chocolate chip cookies, they are so delicious when they are warm from the oven but once they have cooled, the texture changes and they become "hard" and really crispy. I use brown sugar and bake the cookies a couple of minutes before the time indicated. How do "name brands" keep their cookies soft? Also, I have read the you could add pudding (boxed) to the cookie dough? Please help. Thanks so much Nancy.

Joanne - from Miller Place, NY

Hard or dry cookies are often the result of the fat used to make the cookie dough.  Be sure to follow your recipe instructions carefully. Vegetable shortening or margarine, creates a cookie that is crisper when cool.  Spreads with less than 70% fat (including diet margarines) or whipped margarine contain more water, which will also create cookies that are crisper.

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