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I am making a dark green wine bottle out of gum paste. Do I color it before with icing color, or after it has been molded and set to dry for 2-3 days? How do i get it to be very shiny in color?

angie - from north lauderdale, FL

You have several options. You can color your gum paste before shaping it into a wine bottle with green icing color, but as it hardens, the color may fade slightly. You can also shape the white gum paste into a wine bottle, allow it to set for 2-3 days, and then paint it with Color Dust mixed with a bit of clear vanilla extract, but this will give you a matte finish. The best way to achieve a shiny finish that looks like glass is to use piping gel, which can also be colored with green icing color, and then painted onto or spread onto your dried wine bottle.

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