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How do you keep your decorating bags so clean on the top? Every time I use them, they get really messy and sometimes the frosting squeezes out the top. How do I stop this?

Leyla - from Houston, TX

To fill and close a decorating bag, hold the bag with one hand, and fold down the top with the other hand to form a generous cuff over the hand that is holding the bag. With a spatula, fill the bag with approximately 1/2 cup icing. It is important not to overfill the bag; otherwise, excess icing may squeeze out the wrong end. Remove icing from the spatula by squeezing the bag with your thumb and fingers against the spatula and pulling the spatula out. Close the bag by unfolding the cuff and twisting the bag closed. This forces the icing down into the bag. You'll find illustrations to help you in the techniques section of this website.

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