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When I cover a cake with fondant, I have excess fondant, like a ruffle, as I get near the base of the cake. How do I get rid of the excess and create smooth, seamless sides?

Kathy - from Wichita, KS

Start with the correct size of fondant – only slightly larger than the measurement of the top plus 2 sides of the cake you are covering. Then lift the fondant and position on the cake. Smooth the top, then gently shape the fondant to the cake sides with an Easy-Glide Smoother or your hands – being careful not to stretch the fondant as you smooth. Mark the fondant at the base of the cake, and trim off excess using a spatula or sharp knife. Then, smooth the fondant again, starting in the middle of the cake top, moving outward and down the sides to smooth and shape the fondant to the cake, removing any air bubbles. If necessary, trim one more time, then add your border!

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