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I have decided to make for my mother a birthday cake with curls and flowers and I have come across with the fact that I have to use a 50/50 gum paste paste and fondant blend. If I do this,is it with the prepared gum paste ? Whats the difference if I use 100% marshmallow fondant? All the fondant I'm using is marshmallow fondant.

Ilse - from Tegucigalpa, Honduras

You can make flowers and other decorations with fondant alone.  When combined with gum paste, however, you can roll out the fondant thinner than if it were fondant alone, allowing for finer detailed decorations.  Also, if you use gum paste alone, the gum paste can be rolled out thinner yet!  Gum Paste is available ready-to-use, or as a mix that you add water and confectioners' sugar to.

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