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Twice now I made a 3 tier cake - both fell apart for some reason. I made sure I put at least 4 dowel rods, about the same height of each tier and the top cake still smashed the bottom tier. Help! I don't know what I'm doing wrong! :(

Leigh anne - from Seattle, WA

Is there a cardboard cake circle underneath each of the cake tiers? It sounds like you're doing your dowels properly - they should be cut to the height of the tier they're going into. Then each tier of cake that is stacked on top should be on a cardboard cake circle so that the dowels in the layer below support the cake circles. Put dowels in every tier that has something above it. If you're doing this and the cakes are still falling, maybe your filling is too liquid? Try filling your cakes with buttercream on your next try and see if that makes a difference. It will be more stable. You can do it!

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