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On one of the Wilton videos you mention a crumb coating for cakes. What frosting do you use for this? Also, how much frosting do you need to frost and decorate two 9-inch round cakes? Is there a recipe for a cake in a 9x13 inch rectangular pan? How much batter do you need for this size cake pan?

Diane - from Fall River, MA

To crumb coat a cake, you want an icing that is thin enough that it can easily be applied to the cake easily, yet sticky enough and applied just thick enough to hold onto the crumbs. There are several varieties that will work, and they’re all on the website. My favorites are a thinned buttercream or cream cheese icing. Spatula ice your cake with these icings, then let them crust completely. Once the icing is firm, ice with the final coating of icing. A two layer 9-inch round cake requires 4-1/2 cups of icing to frost. For different sized cakes, see the Baking and Serving Guide table on our website!

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