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The last time I made cupcakes for an event, I baked and frosted them the day before and left them in the refrigerator over night. The container was covered. The next morning I took it to the event, but it was not served until 11:20. By then the piped star frosting was very soft but the design still showed, and the frosting slipped to the side from some of the cupcakes. By the way I use canned icing from the grocery store. What can I do to prevent the frosting from melting and slipping off the cupcake?

Meranda - from Boston, MA

Canned icing from the grocery store is very convenient, but it is also very soft, so it make look okay while it's cold, but at room temperature there is a good chance that it will lose its shape. It is simple to make your own buttercream icing, which will hold it's shape very well, even at room temperaure and won't slide off of your cupcakes. Give it a try!

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