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How do you put your tips on your decorating bag?

Chloe - from Pearland, TX

When using re-usable featherweight, professional or nylon decorating bags, a coupler is used to attach the decorating tip to the bag.

The coupler is a 2-piece plastic device –

  • the base, the larger threaded piece placed inside the bag before filling with icing
  • a coupler ring

The decorating tip is placed on the outside of the bag over the part of the base that extends out of the bag. The coupler ring is then twisted over the decorating tip to lock the tip into place.

When you use a disposable bag, if you plan to use multiple tips with the same color icing, you should also use a coupler. If you are using just one tip with that icing color, the tip can be placed inside the bag, which should be cut to allow just the end of the tip to stick out.

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