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How do I smooth out the fondant – no seams – on my fondant-covered cakes?

Lisa - from East Brunswick, NJ

When rolling out your fondant, make sure the fondant piece is large enough to cover the cake without seams. To assure the size is correct, measure the top of the cake across the center or widest part, and add the height of each side, then roll out the fondant to that size, 1/4-inch thick. For example, for a 2-layer, 4-inch high 8-inch round cake, you add the 8 inches top + 4 inches side + 4 inches side, which equals a 16 inch round or square of fondant. If the fondant should break and you have to patch the "seam", use a fondant smoother or your hands, to gently work the pieces of fondant together smoothly. The seam should disappear.

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