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Is it true that using a good quality expensive all-purpose flour will improve the outcome of each baked good product?

Jesenia - from Concord, CA

All-purpose flour is a blend of high-gluten hard wheat and low-gluten soft wheat in a combination suitable for baking a wide range of recipes, from breads, cookies and pie crusts to delicate cakes. Wheat grown in different parts of the country may produce different amounts and types of gluten. Nationally-available brands of flour take this into account, and will blend the types of wheat in different ways so that the end baked product will be consistent any time you make it. Lower-priced store brands may not always make these adjustments, but the difference in you baked goods may or may not be noticeable. We recommend that if cost is a concern, use the lower-priced flour and see if you like the results! You probably won’t notice much difference!

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