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I have been reading several of your cake recipes. For instance - orange cake. The recipe says to spray the pan with vegetable pan spray. My question: what kind of pan? Same for lemon cake: what kind of pans? Have I missed something? Thank you so much for all the info in your websight - very helpful!

Marilyn - from Louisville, KY

Since our projects are made with so many different shapes and sizes of pans, many of our recipes are written to tell you how much batter they make.  When you choose a project, it will tell you the pans you use, then go to our cake batter amount guide which tells  you how much batter you need for the pan or pans, as well as how long it will take to bake the cake layers.  It also tells you an approximate amount of buttercream icing and fondant you would need to cover the cake layers. 

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