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What is the best way to do cut out mini cakes or petit fours? Is it necessary to freeze the cake before frosting? I tried to make them and there were lots or crumbs and the edges were not as sharp as I would have liked? What can you do with leftover cake scraps?

Kelley - from Sherwood, AR

We recommend starting with a firm-textured cake, like pound cake. If you prefer using a mix, we like to combine one yellow cake mix with one pound cake mix for optimum flavor and texture. The firmer texture means fewer crumbs as you cut. Then, use a deep metal cookie cutter for cutting sharp edges on these mini cakes. A sharp, thin-bladed knife also works well for cutting petit fours. Leftover cake can be cut into chunks and used for trifle (a combination of pudding, fruits or preserves and cake), crumble the cake and use to layer with pudding in a dessert dish or use larger pieces as the base for strawberry "shortcake".

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