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I'm making an graduation cake. I want to know if I need dowel rods underneath a 4' cake that is stacked on top of an 8' cake? The idea I had was to make a 2-tiered cake, but make the 4'cake on top a graduation hat. Will I need cake rods under the 4' cake for support?

Daneekia - from KILLEEN, TX

Regardless of the size of the cake that is being stacked, always use dowel rods underneath as a support system. The dowels are your insurance that the cake that you put some much time and effort into will stay strong, and won't collapse. Every cake is different. Some fillings are looser than others, like custards or jams, which can make a cake less stable. Some cakes are heavier than others, because the cake layers are thicker or because it's covered in rolled fondant, so they need more support from below. Don't take any chances. It only takes a few minutes to cut dowel rods to size, and they'll ensure that your cake is sturdy, no matter what it is filled with or iced with.

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