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I have found a good chocolate cupcake recipe. Can I use the same recipe to make vanilla cupcakes if I just omit the chocolate?

Alicia - from Harlingen, TX

Unfortunately, the vanilla cupcakes will not turn out very well. The cocoa powder and chocolate in your recipe has multiple purposes. Chocolate contributes fat. Take out the chocolate, and the final cake would be very dry. Some fat would be needed to be put back into the recipe. Cocoa powder contributes mass to the batter. If you take out cocoa powder, you would need to add some flour back into the recipe. Also, chocolate is acidic. The amounts of leavening agents (baking powder and/or baking soda) that you put in your cupcakes would be out of proportion with the leavening need of the batter, so your cupcakes will not rise appropriately. Changing any of these variables can be done, but would require experimentation

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