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How do you put fondant on a square cake? We are making this for a wedding in April and we want to get it right. Thank You. P.S. Love your shows.

Ruth - from Glasgow, KY

The  corners of a square cake need not to be intimidating. It's easy to use your hands to shape fondant around the corners, so you finish with perfectly smooth edges and a beautiful cake!

The first step is to prepare your cake by lightly covering it with buttercream icing. Position the fondant on cake, and then smooth the top. This can be done using a fondant smoother, or with the palm of your hand. Pull the corner flaps gently out and away from the cake; smooth the corners with your hand to eliminate the creases. Smooth the sides with either your smoother or hand.

Next, trim off the excess fondant at the bottom with a pizza cutter or sharp knife. To give a finished look, smooth the top, sides, and the bottom edge of the cake again.

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