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What is fondant? Can I make it myself?

Louise - from Machipongo, VA

There are several food items referred to as fondant: • The gooey center of a chocolate candy • The smooth rolled-out icing for cakes • Poured icing over petit fours and cookies • Poured icing on cookies Most of the time when we refer to "fondant" on the show, we're talking about the roll-out icing used to decorate cakes. It can be homemade, but homemade fondant is not as durable ready-to-use rolled fondant you buy. It has a higher moisture content so it is softer and not as firm to use for molded decorations like flowers. We determined the cost of our from-scratch recipe to compare with purchased rolled fondant. The raw ingredients cost $.16 per ounce versus $.27 per ounce for some ready-to-use. Remember your time is also a cost factor.

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