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Could you please tell me what is wrong with my M&M and chocolate chip cookies? I've made them for years, and now they spread and are so paper thin you can see through them. Please help!

Pat - from Wadsworth, OH

A number of things could be going wrong with the recipe you are using. First, make sure you're using exactly the same ingredients you always did. If you are making these cookies with margarine or a spread instead of butter, make sure what you are using today is the same as years ago when your first started baking the recipe. While the standards for margarine are the same as they were there are a variety of spreads available today are different than they were – the amount of oil, the type of oil, the amount of liquid, all could be different and each could make your cookies fail. We always recommend butter for baking – the flavor is unbeatable, and the fat content which effects the bakeout always remains the same.

Other things to consider: have you changed the type of liquid you're using, the brand of flour or sugar (cane sugar and beet sugar react differently when you bake with them) – again, all could potentially be different than what you once used.

If all ingredients are the same, check your oven to assure the temperature you've set the thermostat at is correct inside the oven. Too warm or too cool an oven effects how your cookies will bake.

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