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When I make my base for the roses out of Wilton’s Class Buttercream, the base starts to lean and then falls off the nail as I am piping my petals. I use a stiff consistency and have even tried freezing the bases before I start working the petals, but to no avail. What can I do or try to keep the center base from falling or leaning? I am also having a problem with my petals coming out feathery looking.

Anita - from Perkinston, MS

While you say you are using stiff consistency, you may need to make it even stiffer for the base of the rose if you want it to stand without leaning. You might also want to shorten the height of the base just a little (1/8 in. or less). Finally, make sure the bottom of your base is thicker than the top – it should be a cone shape with the narrower end up. If you are still having problems with the base standing, allow it to “crust” – let it stand at room temperature, uncovered, for about 1 hour until the icing surface dries a bit – this should help with stability.

Your petals might have a feathery edge for two reasons. First, your pressure isn’t hard enough – try squeezing the decorating bag harder. If you still are getting that feathery look, you may need to thin the icing a bit (Sorry, I know I just told you the base needs to be very stiff!).

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