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How can I modify the Chocolate Lover's Dream Cake to make a two tier 50th birthday cake for my father-in-law?

Danielle - from Opelousas, LA

This project is a 6-inch cake, so it would be the perfect top tier for your special cake!  The recipe for this cake makes about 6 cups batter, so you would probably need to at least double the recipe for a larger bottom tier. Once you've chosen the size of cake you want for that tier, check out the handy table here on our site  that tells you how much batter you will need for that pan size, and how long it needs to bake.

Once your cake layers are baked and completely cooled, stack each cake individually, and prepare the bottom, larger cake for stacked construction .  The candy wrap might be a little harder to do by yourself - enlist family and friends  to lend an extra hand (or 2!) to wrap it around the cake. 

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