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I am looking for a recipe for moist layered cakes that do not loose height. What type of cake should it be? My sponge cake always looses height. I use the sponge cake for special birthday cake themes. Is this the right type of receipe to use? Please can you help as I do a lot of birthday cakes that need layering, carving and all sorts of decorating but I loose height on the sponge cake receipe.

cecile - from Kempton Park, South Africa

Use a creamed cake recipe instead of a sponge cake recipe for layer cakes with height or that need to be carved. Creamed cakes are the kind where the butter and sugar are beat together first, then whole eggs are added, and then the dry ingredients. This yellow cake is a great basic recipe, and will give you cakes with great height, perfect for stacking and decorating.

Yellow Cake Recipe

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