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As a beginner, what tips do you suggest I start with?

Hannah - from Conroe, TX

We would recommend starting with the following:
• A small #3 and a large #12 round tip for dots and beads, outlining, writing, vines and stringwork.
• A few open star tips (#16, #18 and #22 are popular) to create stars, shells, rosettes and zig-zags.
• Two or three drop flower tips, a small, medium and large.
• A small and large leaf tip (67, 352 and 366 are some of my favorites).
• A petal tip (#104 is a nice size to start with).

Remember that the size of your piped decorations can be altered some by the amount of pressure you use to press out the icing, as well as how thin or thick your icing consistency is.

As you get into decorating more, you'll want to add different sizes of the above tips, as well as a basketweave tip, a ruffle tip and possibly some multi-opening tips.

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