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What can you do to a cake that is so moist that it is difficult to ice? Can you let it sit out and air dry for awhile? Will anything help?

Betty - from Fulton , IL

First, be sure to remove the warm baked cake from the baking pan following recipe instructions. That way moisture won't get trapped between the pan and the surface of the cake. Then, allow the cake to cool on a cooling rack, preferably on a counter or tabletop away from the oven, where air can circulate around the cake layers.

Once the cake has cooled, if you still feel the surface is too moist, you can add a crumb coat (a thin layer of buttercream icing) to the cake. When this icing crusts over, this thin icing layer will hold the crumb to the cake so that your final icing will be easy to apply, smooth and crumb free.

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