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When icing my cake, I can’t seem to get my icing smooth. What am I doing wrong? Am I making it too thin?

Jenny - from Atlanta, GA

It takes practice to get a perfectly smooth icing surface on your cake! To ice a cake, place a large amount of thin consistency icing on the center of the cake top. With a large angled spatula, spread across the top, making sure to always keep icing between the cake and the spatula.

Next, apply icing to the sides of the cake; smooth the sides by holding the spatula upright against the side of the cake. Slowly turn the turntable without lifting the spatula from the cake surface. Return excess icing to the bowl. Smooth the cake top last, again using the edge of the spatula. Sweep the spatula edge from the rim of the cake to its center. Lift if off and remove the excess icing. To finish, rotate the cake slightly and repeat the procedure, starting from a new point on the rim. Some decorators heat the blade of the spatula in warm water, dry it, then use it to smooth the icing.

If you are still having problems smoothing the icing, allow the icing to crust. Then cover the surface with parchment paper and gently rub the paper with your hands; pull off the paper to reveal a perfectly smooth finish!

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