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I am new to using royal icing and made it for the first time yesterday. How is it that 6 tablespoons of water is supposed to be enough to make this icing? It occurs to me now that perhaps you are supposed to mix the water with the powder, then, slowly add the sugar. Is that right? The recipe just says to combine everything and mix.

Maureen - from Killeen, TX

I know it seems like 6 tablespoons water is not enough for the amount of dry ingredients (Meringue Powder and confectioners’ sugar), but it really does work! When I prepare this icing, I combine the Meringue Powder and sugar in the bowl for my electric mixer. I turn the machine onto its lowest setting, then add the water tablespoon by tablespoon, stopping the mixer occasionally to scrape down the sides. Once all the dry ingredients are moistened – this can take a minute or two after the last of the water has been added – I increase the mixer speed slightly and set my timer for 7 minutes. Sometime around 7 minutes (10-12 if you are using a smaller hand mixer) you’ll start to see the icing get a nice sheen – like well-beaten egg whites – and become fluffy. Please try it again – we know you’ll find the recipe easy to make!

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