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I am just learning how to use the Wilton decorating tips. I would like to practice more. What is an inexpensive way to practice? I'll be making a lot of buttercream or royal icing?

Kim - from Waco, TX

Using buttercream and royal icing are really the best ways to improve your decorating skills – each has its own feel and requires different pressure on the decorating bag. I suggest starting with buttercream icing – you can make your decorations on a practice board or on a cake board covered in waxed paper. When you have finished the board, scoop up the icing and put back into its container and refrigerate to be reused. Since no one will be eating these decorations, you could do this for quite some time. Then, once you feel skilled in making a number of decorations, try them with royal icing – you'll find the switchover relatively easy, and won't require as much time or icing to create perfect decorations.

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