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Is fondant the same as what they call in the UK marzipan? They look the same.

Laura - from Seville, Spain

Fondant and marzipan are two different products. Marzipan is a mixture of almond paste, confectioners’ sugar, corn syrup and flavorings. It can be dyed into any color but will never be snow white. It also is not often used to completely cover a cake here in the U.S. – it is used primarily for making very lifelike decorations on a cake. Fondant is a combination of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin and glycerine and is whiter. It is rolled out in sheets and wrapped around each tier of the cake, giving a beautiful clean finish and smooth texture to the cake. Like marzipan, you can get very creative decorating with fondant, creating a variety of shapes that will stay firm and be edible and can be colored. It also serves as an excellent base for flowers and piped decorations.

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