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What is the proper(right) way for assembling decorating bag, tips& couplers, etc...? I can't seem to understand how to put the bag together. Thank you

Francine - from Santa Rosa, CA

With all those pieces, I can understand that it sometimes seems confusing!  To prepare your decorating bag,

  1. Remove the ring from the coupler base by unscrewing it.  Drop the coupler base, narrow end first, into the bag and push it down as far as you can.
  2. Using a pen or pencil, mark the spot on the outside where the bottom screw thread is outlined against the bag material. 
  3. Push the base up into the bag so that you can cut an opening at the mark.
  4. Push the base down through the opening.  One thread should be showing. Place a Decorating Tip over the part of the Base extending from the bag.
  5. Put the ring over the tip and twist it on, locking the tip in place.

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