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When making a stacked cake without pillars, do you put a cardboard base under each cake? How do you take apart and cut the cake to serve without the frosting sticking to the other cake?

Terry - from Moreno Valley, CA

Yes, when stacking cakes, even without pillars, you place the top layers onto cake circles or cake boards. These boards can be placed onto separator plates or used directly on the lower cake tier. In either case, dowel rods inserted in the bottom tier should be used to support the cake above. The cake circle/board should be cut to the exact size and shape of the cake it is holding. When serving the cake, start cutting the top tier and work your way down. Most people cut the cake in place. With the cake board underneath, no icing from the bottom layer will adhere to the cake piece. When you're ready to move to the next layer, gently lift off the cake board/circle. Usually very little icing sticks to the bottom of the cake board, either, though a small amount will pull up – so be careful!

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