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My niece will be getting married this July. She wants “personal” cakes at each table at the reception – that will be 35-40 cakes plus the small wedding cake. Plus, I have to haul everything a distance. I plan to start baking the cakes soon and freezing them, but when should I start? What size cake 8 or 6-inch should I use? I plan to ice with buttercream icing, and use some fondant decorations. I’ve never done this many cakes before at one time!

Marcia - from Johnstown, PA

When determining which size cake to make, you need to consider two things: A) who will be cutting the cake – the caterer/banquet hall, or the folks at the table. A caterer will cut the cake into wedding size portions, so 6-in. is large enough. B) You also need to consider how the cake will look on the table. A 6-in. cake might look skimpy on the table, though with the number of cakes you talk about, it appears like you’ll be putting more than 1 cake on a table – then 6-in. is perfect. The cakes can be made up to 3 months in advance, then frozen. You can freeze them without icing, crumb coated or completely iced with buttercream. Fondant should not be frozen, so you shouldn’t attach the fondant decorations. Good luck!

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